Game features

All the tools you need for a memorable game experience

Host dashboard

View and manage every aspect of your game from a single, intuitive dashboard. Every step, from the first player invite to the post-game summary, in one place.

How it works
Senior Assassin host dashboard
Senior Assassin app features for players

Mobile app access
for players

Target overview

Players can view their target(s) and register successful catches.

Live scoreboard

Keep the competition fierce with a real-time scoreboard.

Easy rule access

All game rules are available at a tap. No confusion, just fun.

Live catch feed

Follow updates on every successful catch in the game.

Email invites to

Senior Assassin email invites to players

In-app game

Senior Assassin real-time notifications

Game control & customization

Automatic target assignment

All targets are assigned automatically, no more manual tracking for game hosts.

Fully customizable rules

Change the game rules at any moment, even after game start.

Automatic player elimination

Players are eliminated automatically when they are caught by their catcher, no interference needed from the game host.

Set up to 10 targets per player

You can give players up to 10 targets each, leading to an exciting target overlap where someone might catch one of your targets before you do!

Edit, eliminate & revive players

You can revive and eliminate players manually throughout the game. You can even edit their points, and give them multiple lives.

Shuffle targets anytime

Want to spice up the game? Reassign targets anytime with a single click.

Tracking & control

Stay on top of the action. A real-time scoreboard, game log, and a post-game summary provide a clear view of the game’s progress and outcomes.

Senior Assassin scoreboard and real-time tracking

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Up to

10 players

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