What is Senior Assassin?

Senior Assassin, also known as Senior Tag, Killer Game and Catcher Games, is a game often played in high schools among the seniors. The game spans over multiple weeks. Every player is assigned a target and the objective is to catch that target by a method decided by the game organizers. Common catching methods include spraying with a water gun, throwing a paper plane and tapping on the shoulder.

Once you’ve caught your target you get a new one, and you win the game by catching the most targets. At many schools the player receives a cash prize, which consists of the entrance fees from the participants, minus a cut for the organizers. Different schools have different traditions, but generally the entrance fee is somewhere between $2 and $10.

The game is played all around the world, including countries like the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Kenya and Sweden.

Why most hate organizing it

To most people, organizing the game is an absolute mess. There is just too much to keep track of. Organizing it includes raising awareness, making a list of all the participants, making sure everyone paid the entrance fee, assigning a target to each player, keeping track of points for the players, making sure nobody cheats and more. No wonder that it’s considered such a hassle.

How to organize it easily

So, you are to organize Senior Assassin but know that it’s gonna be a pain in uncomfortable places. Here’s how to do it the easy way:

  1. Sign up to catchergames.com
  2. Invite players to your game via the host dashboard
  3. Pay a small fee and start the game!

It really is that simple. Everything else is handled by us. Here’s how the experience works for the players:

  1. They get an invite via email from catchergames.com
  2. They accept the invite and create an account in our mobile app for iOS and Android
  3. They can see their target, the rules and scoreboard in the app

You can even communicate directly with the players. When you send a message through the dashboard, the players will receive a notification about it.

Additional perks

  • You can shuffle the targets whenever you want
  • You can disqualify players if the cheat
  • You can edit our default rules as much as you want
  • You will not cry every day for a month
  • And more!

Do a free trial game with up to 10 players if you sign up today.

How to organize it the old way

If you’re an old fashioned fella’ you might want to do it the inferior way, so here we go:

  1. Let people know there’s a game, read our post on this here.
  2. Make a list of players, the best way to do this is either through a Google Form or by sitting somewhere in the school and asking people to sign up on a sheet.
  3. Make sure everyone has paid the participation fee, if you have one.
  4. Give everyone in the player list a target among the other players, but make sure there are no duplicates!
  5. Draft a set of rules and make sure all players are informed about them.
  6. Make sure every player gets their target, either through text message, email or a paper note.
  7. Tell the players to let you know when they’ve caught their target.
  8. If a player catches their target, give them a point in your player list and assign a new target to them (the target of the person they just caught).
  9. When there are only one or two players left, announce the ending of the game and select a winner.
  10. Hand out the cash prize to the winner.

Other important things


As the organizer it’s your job to make sure nobody is cheating. That includes making sure that the rules are respected and disqualifying the players who cheat (including admin work).

Target assignment

When you assign the targets there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that two people don’t have the same target.
  • Make sure every player has a target and knows who it is.
  • Make sure that the targets are assigned in one big circle, like the picture below.

Senior Assassin Target Assignment Visual


In our experience, the players are often expecting to be informed about the progress of the game. You should keep them up to date with a scoreboard that you update once a day. It could be a digital one or a physical one.

If you want to organize the game the old way, this post will take you through it with more detail.

Final words

So there you go, two different ways to organize Senior Assassin for high schools. Whichever one you choose we wish you the best of luck with your game! If you have any questions, don t hesitate to reach out to us here, we are very helpful.

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